There are approximately 24 van den Brink Carvers and less than 200 Carver Ones around the world (mainly in Europe, but also in Middle East, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and more).

Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC)

The Carver Owners Club’s aim is to link up owners of Carvers (all variants (van den Brink, Carver One, Phiaro Eternity P67b, etc.) to help keep them flying the road (and sky in the case of the Pal-V). Organize events / meetings / rallies. Provide news / update around the world of Carvers

Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS) – Our Mission:

‘Run by Carver owners and enthusiasts, Club Carver has been setup with simply one objective – to provide the necessary facilities to allow owners to maximise their enjoyment of a very special machine – the Carver One. To do this, we have brought together the two essential ingredients that can make this happen – consistent supply of parts and specialist technical services. With all the original Carver parts now re-located to the UK and comprehensive servicing facilities on hand for maintenance and repairs, CCPS can fulfill the needs of every Carver owner worldwide.’

Version and Variants

-Bug Carver (from 1999) – A carver with wing mirror at the top of the doors

-van den Brink Carver – Approx 24

-Carver One – Approx 200 sold around the world

-Ventura/Persu – USA

-phiaro p67b eternity – Japanese Styled

-Electric Carver – Lynx Cars Denmark

-PAL-V – Flying Car

-Helix Motors

-Chinese Sunra