Now you have your Carver One – a powerhouse when it comes to vehicles these days. Another one goal ticked off from your bucket list. This is absolutely one of the greatest vehicles you’d get a hold of in your lifetime. Interesting, eh? But here now comes the next consideration – do you have a safe place to house it?

Carver One is among the extraordinary cars since it’s introduction to the market. Just the aesthetics and the overall look alone would make you drool. The car’s efficiency, and power? O-V-E-R-K-I-L-L! Who’d have thought a car that you can call a midget compared to others of its kind, and can only carry one person at a time has the best stability compared to other cars. This is why it is not surprising that it comes with a relatively higher price.

The cost of a Carver One would make anyone step back a little especially those people who lean on the more practical side. With that being said, it is understandable that those who manage to afford it take EXTRA good care of this vehicle. We spoke with those who bought themselves a Carver One last year and we performed a survey about how they built the perfect garage for their cars. Below are some interesting insights we have gathered.

It is a must that you keep your Carver Ones in a safe environment such as a garage. No parking on the curb if possible. Not once were there are reports from the owners of such cars that they were a victim of vandalism. They come out horrified upon seeing that their cars were intentionally marked with spray paints, if not marker. Since Carver Ones’ is extremely attention-catching, there are moments when they suffer unintentional damages from individuals who are excited about taking selfies with it. To prevent such events, just keep it locked and safe as much as possible.

Invest in a sturdy and dependable garage door. The last thing you want is for your garage door to not withstand even the slightest pressure. This will make not only your Carver One vulnerable to being stolen but your homes as well for potential break-ins. Ensure that you are always safe by getting a sturdy garage door. You can check out to see what garage doors will fit your need.

Upgrade your garage door locks. Even if you are not keeping an extremely expensive car, this is a must-have investment for every home. Equip your garages with panels lock that can only be opened with the right combination. You can also get those wireless keypads and remote for added safety. Imagine not needing to go down anymore whenever you are driving in and out of your garage doors. Convenient, right? It prevents you even from the risk of being robbed if you are living in a sketchy part of town.

Provide proper insulation for your garage door. Your Carver One may be made from high-quality materials but it doesn’t mean that it can withstand prolonged exposure to the extremes of the weather. There is also the right amount of protection you should provide starting from insulated garage doors. This would also help you keep out unwanted dust particles that may cause premature aging and rusting especially to non-stainless parts of your Carver One.

Do not compromise the safety of your Carver One. Build a fitting garage for it today.