Carver One and Its Technology

With the emergence of technology comes the innovation of different innovative tools and equipment that aims to make our lives easier. Not only had this but technology also advanced the style and comfort of these innovations. They are designed to show aesthetics and style and at the same time to promote the highest level of convenience.

One innovative vehicle that promotes aesthetics and functionality is the Carver One. It is a three-wheeled vehicle which uses an automatic balancing technology to balance the passenger compartment under all conditions. Unlike traditional sports cars, Carver One is unique with its extraordinary design and structure. Its size is almost half of a regular car. Imagine not having your whole garage occupied by your vehicle. You would probably have a custom garage door that does not need to consider the size of your vehicle in its construction.

So how does Carver One work?

Carver One vehicles are powered by an automatic balancing system called “Dynamic Vehicle Control System”. This system allows full stability under all circumstances. From the steering angle, the accelerator pedal position and the brake pressure the desired motion is derived while the actual vehicle motion is derived from the yaw rate and the lateral acceleration. The system regulates the engine torque and the wheel brake pressures using traction control components to minimize the difference between the actual and the desired motion.

The Carver One only transports one person. This has been most valued principle of this vehicle innovation as only one person can ride Carver One. Aside from the fact that it can save space in your garage, it can also save space in the streets. Given the size of the Carver One, it also ensures speed, comfort and stability which can lead to an exceptional and enjoyable driving experience.

With the great demands of Carver One comes the opportunity to manufacture vehicles to meet their demands. Many car manufacturing company are starting to produce Carver One with different style and functionalities. With its aspect of combining a motorcycle and a car, the Carver One ensures safety and design. The three-wheel Carver One is said to have the comfort, controls and stability of a normal car while showing the dynamic cornering behavior of a motorcycle.

This hybrid of a motorcycle and a car comes at an expensive price. When it was first introduced in the market, it did not receive a great acceptance immediately. Some companies selling Carver One ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2009. However, the comeback of the Carver One in the market became very successful after a few years. It was then reported that international vehicle companies already sold more than millions of units around the world.